Chrispy/Pork Belly/

Chimichurri/Pickled Red Onion/Cilantro

Potato Croquettes

Cheddar Cheese Sauce/

Avocado/Siracha Creme/Applewood Smoked Bacon Dust

Hanger Steak

Lemon Risotto/Fiddleheads/Sauce Choron

Tres Doughnuts

 Chocolate Doughnut     

                           Peanut Butter Mousse 

                              Candied Walnuts


Raspberry Jam

Vanilla Limoncello Frosting

Espresso Bombolini

Dulce de Leche


            All THC is a gift from our sponsors            

    Please arrange safe transportation home    

A non-infused version of the meal is available per request for the same price

All Events Are 21+

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