Roll It Up Caprese Salad - Hand Made Mozzerella & Prosciutto Rolled Fat Like A Joint & Sliced Thin Over A Mainated Heirloom Tomato W/ An Herbed Balsamic Reduction

Fried Pork Medallions Over Bacon Mashed Potatoes Topped W/ Arugula, Roasted Tomatoes & A Peperoni Sauce

Purple Wreck Peanut Butter Ice Cream W/ Raspberry Filled Dark Chocolate Weed Leafs & CBD Whipped Cream

Green M.D Beans

Chernobyl Chicken & Potatoes

Train Wreck Rice

Lamb's Bread & Butter

Papa's OG Pasta Salad

Life Saver Salad W/ Lemon Kush Dressing

Headband Hard Candies


            All THC is a gift from our sponsors            

    Please arrange safe transportation home    

A non-infused version of the meal is available per request for the same price

All Events Are 21+

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